What is the message?

What message does this video convey? They show boys in different stages of their lives, crying and people telling them that boys don’t cry. First of all that’s a myth. Crying has got nothing to do with gender. Anybody who is hurt will cry. And the way the video is shot your heart actually goes out to the boys crying over there because they have gone through some emotional upheaval. Then suddenly they show a young man being violent with the woman he is with. I don’t know what they wished to convey but certainly the message is lost to the confusion of feelings which the video evokes. Okay, so they want to tell men to not make girls cry, but did they realise that the ‘Romeo’ in their video was crying for a girl though?
Violence in any form is repulsive, but I want to say here that it’s foolish to generalize things and create the wrong kind of emotions in people regarding men. For, we do love our men too. Every woman has a father, brothers, friends and a beloved who are all men. I am sure no woman wants a world devoid of these people.

Please let’s not mess up with things even more. We have enough of chaos already and we certainly do not want our choicest celebrities endorsing such views. There are other more positive ways of telling people to be good to each other.

A few thoughts on India’s Daughter

That it is called ‘India’s daughter’ is immaterial. I believe she is a daughter to every father in the world. The Indian government need not have banned this documentary. That incident of 16th Dec 2012 should be remembered by everybody in the world and not just in India. The documentary shows the sickness of mentality that pervades through our present day society – class no bar. It surfaces in the ill bred rapists coming from their poverty stricken and disturbed childhoods, and it raises it’s hydra head in the so-called educated leaders and law makers of our day who still chauvinistically think that their ‘right here none can dispute’. I fail to understand why the daytime should be considered a safer time compared to the night time. How can people think it is justified to say that a girl should not travel by night? Or that she should not go out with a guy at night? What kind of value system is this that seems to lower itself as soon as the night falls?
This incident raised the question not only of dealing with rape but also the question of dealing with brutality of any form which needs to be crushed. Therefore the verdict in such cases should stand as a message to every potential criminal and make him stop in his tracks before he commits a brutal crime. I do not mean to be gender specific here when talking about criminals.

The very idea that you can do what you want with a person less powerful than you is the basis of this mentality. What gives people such power? What makes them think that they can decide the fate of a person when they choose to teach them a lesson, like the six men did that evening to the girl and her friend? Nobody has that right. What time she was travelling at, what clothes she was wearing, who she was with, how she behaved, etc..these things are immaterial. The actions of those men is still not justified.

It is indeed commendable that she lived long enough to tell her story given the fact that she faced things that we couldn’t fathom.